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We will have some indoor and outdoor plants available for purchase as a club fundraiser.

Birds will be available from various breeders.

This year, the Tri-State Budgerigar Society is holding its first 2 day show event. We feel this is something we needed to do to make the trip more appealing for those who have to travel a greater distance. Thus we are asking for feedback regarding the two-day format's success. We would also like to receive suggestions on how we might further improve the show and draw additional exhibitors and birds in the future. We would like you to help us get the word out to your exhibitor friends and contact us with your thoughts. Talk to one of our club officers or send an email to us at: TRISTATEBUDGIE@aol.com.

The Tri-State Budgerigar Society is always ready to have new hobbyists join the club. Why not do it today? Membership information and applications are in the catalog and may be found on tables during the show.