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Sponsors & Donors

The Members of Tri-State would like to acknowledge and thank
the sponsors and donors who helped to make our show a success.

Note: The Tri-State Budgerigar Society has placed these links on our site in good faith due to an exchange agreement, sponsorship, donor, advertising, affiliate program or to share information. The club assumes the links, breeders or businesses mentioned are legitimate and reputable unless otherwise brought to our attention. The club or our members make no claims, guarantees or endorsements and will take no responsibility in any way for any errors, injuries, misconceptions, problems or anything else that may arise from dealing with prior mentioned entities.

Abba Products Corp.

Basically Birds

Oasis Products

Rolf Hagen Corp.

Sun Seed company

Medical Diagnostics Services

Pet Smart

Tri-State Raffle Table

That Pet Place

Vitakraft Pet Products

Zeigler Brothers