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Show Rules


Entry Fee: $2.00 per bird with a maximum of $20.00 per exhibitor.

All birds entered in a "young" class must wear a 2003 band.

This is an all breeder show. No open birds will be accepted. All exhibits must be wearing only one band, and that band must be a closed seamless metal band traceable to the exhibitor.

If a bird is entered in the wrong class, every attempt will be made to correct the error when the bird is checked in or at any other time before the correct class is judged. After this time, the bird will be disqualified.

A two-part entry form must be completed and the entry fee paid. The show secretary will issue a cage numher for each entry with a matching show tag for the exhibitor's division. The exhibit's band number and description must be entered on the show tag and entry form. We will be using the new BAA show tags, which have a new color scheme.

An exhibitor may enter a division higher than that for which he/she is qualified, but no exhibitor is allowed to enter a lower division than the one for which he/she qualifies.

Entry of exhibits will constitute acceptance of these rules.


There will be four divisions: junior, novice, intermediate and champion.

Schedule of Classes

The schedule of classes will be that published by the BAA.


The method of judging will be the ABS format of top ten in each division and a top bench. The BAA awards winners will be gleaned from this ranking.


The show committee reserves the right to check the band number of any bird entered, if it is deemed necessary.

The show committee reserves the right to refuse any exhibit it considers detremental to the show. Only standard budgerigar show cages with one bird to a cage will be accepted. There will be no marks, names, seed or water cups on the cage. Seed suitable for budgerigars may be placed on the bottom of the cage. Completed show tags will be displayed on the lower corner of the cage.

Checking In and Out

All birds will be checked in and out by authorized show comittee members. No one other than the stewards and the judge may handle the exhibits or be permitted behind the staging area.

Birds may be checked out after judging has been completed. Exhibitors are asked to leave the birds winning best in show, division and/or varieties on the staging for 30 minutes following for viewing. To check out birds, the exhibitor must present the entry form to the steward. For security reasons, the steward may request identification.

Responsibility Waiver

Tri-State Budgerigar Society and its members accept no liability or responsibility for loss or damage to exhibits or for injuries to exhibitors.