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Judge's Comments

Chuck Romano made all the arrangements except he didn't plan on the Newark Airport having a heavy electrical storm just before my arrival. The trip from Houston [normally 3.5 hours] took 7.5 hours. Rose and Joe Lastella never gave up on my planes arriving and met me with Pizza in hand and took me to their lovely home where I stayed as their guest. They even topped it off with a great dinner party after the show.

The overall Budgerigars at the show were in excellent condition, fit and well groomed for the show. The Novices showed great strength in the Greens with John Di Natale's Cinnamon Grey Green cock showing his way to the Best Novice followed closely by a stylish Light Green cock exhibited by Marhta Griner who had the Best Young, a Light Grey cock. John also had the Best Young Opposite Sex with a Opaline Cinnamon Grey Green. A real stand-up Lutino hen from Paige Shinn was Best Opposite Sex and won the CC for best Lutino.

A strong group of Intermediates was noted with Kathy and John Spata winning Best Intermediate with a Light Grey cock, so strong that he finished Ninth Best In Show. Bill Griner was 2nd -- 7th and his Spangle Light Grey, who won the CC, could have gone higher except for his rough condition. Greer and John Sucke had Best Opposite Sex and Best Young Opposite Sex.

Then come the Champions... what a display of Light Greens! They just kept coming and coming and all magnificent Budgies. But their strength was downed by a tremendous Grey Green cock shown by Joe and Rose Lastella, who took Best Champion and Best In Show. This Budgie had it all, deep mask, width of head and massive shoulders. They also won 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 10th, Best In Show. Third Best In Show was a Light Green cock with a great wide head shown by Chuck Romano. Pablo Ortiz had Best Opposite Sex and Best Young Opposite Sex In Show. Pat and Frank Gaggi had Best Young In Show with an Opaline Dark Green cock that will be a top contender at next year's show. Rounding out the show was a Light Grey cock from Ron Rebham as Sixth Best In Show. All in all a great group of budgies, but the best part was Chuck who had all entries on his "lap top" and I had a complete show report before leaving. Thanks again to Rose and Joe Lastella for being such great hosts.


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