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The Tri-State Budgerigar Society's officers and members wish to extend to you our warmest welcome together with our sincerest thanks for attending our twenty-second annual show. This year is very special because we are excited to be hosting a two-day show for the first time. Each day will have a different judge and slightly different format.

2012 also marks our twenty-eighth year anniversary. Tri-State has come a long way from that date in February 1984, when a group of people met with the desire to form a club.

If you are a visitor, we hope that you will enjoy the experience and take full advantage of this opportunity to learn about budgie breeding and showing. New members are always welcome and an application can be found in this catalog.

If you are a breeder entering your budgies in competition, we wish you the best of luck. May you find success, and win awards and bragging rights commen- surate with the hard work you've done to get here. Winning against the level of competition characteristic to the Tri-State Show is an achievement to be proud of.

After the Saturday show, exhibitors and club members are invited to join us for some camaraderie and relaxation at our annual after show backyard cookout nearby, where we will also continue the tradition of serving cake and coffee.

Should you have questions or experience a problem, don't hesitate to approach the nearest club member for assistance. We also wish to thank everyone for supporting Tri-State by attending our show and for donating merchandise, time, services, birds, and so on. It is because of all of you that we are able to host a successful annual show and keep the club going.

Marcia Halbert
President, TSBS

For additional information about the show or about the club, call Marcia Halbert (732) 416-0796, Joyce D'Accardi, (732) 462-5616, or send an e-mail to TRISTATEBUDGIE@aol.com. The club has a website at www.tri-statebudgie.org and is now also on Facebook.